The Sacred Ground Series
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Untitled               Oil on wood
            48" * 24"
Sacred Ground             Oil on Canvas
                       76" * 29
Sacred Ground            graphite on paper
Burial Mound : Sleeper & Dreamer            Oil on Canvas
Totems           Mixed on paper
Sleeping Falcon       Oil on canvas
Unfaded memories, immortal ponderings            Pencil on paper
Sleeper            Oil on canvas
Sacred Ground: River's Edge      Mixed on paper
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Burial Mound: Tree of Life          8' * 3.5'                 Oil on Birch
Work in Progress
Far away from dawn and sunset                      
            Mixed on paper
Five planes for Sleeperdreamer     Oil
Obscured Moon           Oil on wood
Temple            Oil on wood
2006' - present
Portrait of Horn Spring: Remembering
Eric Edwards
Oil on Canvas
18" * 24"